We have collected useful information, downloads, programs and links that are all designed to help you decide on the correct solution for your project. It is our hope that many of your questions will be answered via the information on this page, if not, please contact us at 503.266.2670, or send us an email at sales@waiteconcrete.com and we will do our best to assist you however we can.

Orenco Design Aid Package and PumpSelect™ Software

Orenco’s Design Aid Package and CD-ROM is an invaluable tool for designers of onsite wastewater treatment systems. It includes 32 completely updated STEP Equipment and Tank Drawings, as well as copies of Orenco’s AutoCAD drawings for intermittent and recirculating sand filters, pumping systems, and related products. To complete the package, they’ve included a DWG viewer (eDrawings, from SolidWorks Corporation) and a PDF viewer (Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems, Inc.) on the CD-ROM. Request the package by clicking the button below.

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Orenco’s Design Aid Package also includes a CD of their stand-alone PumpSelect program that takes the guesswork out of sizing pumps and configuring carrier lines. PumpSelect provides fast, error-free hydraulic calculations and generates system curves that you can use to select Orenco pumps for your system. You can also simply download the latest version of the stand-alone PumpSelect program by clicking below.

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AdvanTex Commercial and Residential Design Aid Package

The AdvanTex Residential Design Aid Package helps with the design of residential wastewater treatment systems using the AdvanTex AX20 and AX-RT Textile Treatment Systems. It includes brochures, technical data sheets, performance summaries, design criteria, case studies, and published research. It also includes operation, installation and maintenance manuals, a standard warranty, and two DVDs: a system overview for customers (“Dependable, High-Performing AdvanTex Treatment Systems”), and a video installation guide for installers (“AdvanTex Installation”). Residential AdvanTex drawings are available on Orenco’s Document Library.

The AdvanTex Commercial Design Aid Package helps with the design and engineering of commercial and multi-family wastewater treatment systems using the AdvanTex AX100 Textile Treatment System. It includes drawings, design criteria, and material specifications. In addition, the AdvanTex Commercial Design Aid Package includes a brochure, case studies, an installation guide, a sample warranty, and published research about AdvanTex Treatment Systems.

Documentation for both Design Aid Packages can be requested below.

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Homeowner’s Manual for Onsite Wastewater and Treatment Systems

This helpful guide will assist you with the proper use and long-term care of your home’s onsite wastewater and treatment system. We recommend that all owner’s please take the time to read through this important information. You can view and download the .PDF by clicking the link below.


Septic Tank Excavation Instructions

Tanks manufactured with plastic risers and lids are also available. Finish height with risers should be at ground level. Antibouyancy measures required for tanks in high water installations. Backfill around and isolate tank before 24 hour water test.


Wire Size Recommendations

There are specific guidelines to follow when installing new control panels and alarms on your tank – please download the documentation that outlines recommendations for various applications.