At Waite Concrete Products, we’ve also got all of the necessary accessories to finish off your tank installation – Lids to close it up and keep any unwanted odors away, Grade Rings to retrofit an existing tank opening, and riser extensions to complete the install and make it level with the grade.

Did you just have your tank pumped and have to dig down several feet or inches to find the tank access hole? Whether the tank opening is round or square we have the solution for you to bring the tank lid to ground level.

You also have the option of 24” or 30” diameter green ultra rib pipe with 24” or 30” Durafiber plastic lids.

Our concrete lids are 31” in diameter and fit over a 24” inside diameter concrete tank riser. This durable lid fits perfectly over the odor gasket & risers.

We also carry 24″ and 30″ fiberglass lids for Orenco risers that screw into place with a rubber seal on the edges to prevent any unwanted odor.

Our 35” diameter tank adapters are used to cover, up to, 24” x 24” square openings in your tank. Adapters create a new base to set a riser. Adapters are available with an Orenco 24” adapter to attach a fiberglass riser and lid.